Are you ready for fiber?

We are currently accepting pre-registrations for fiber connections in American Fork.

Fiber is coming to American Fork!

American Fork has partnered with STRATA Networks to design an open-access fiber network that will be built throughout the city over the next few years. We are currently designing the system, and right now residents and businesses can indicate their interest in receiving a fiber connection when the network is ready for connections. Pre-registering on this site lets us know you’re interested in having your location connected to fiber internet, and will ensure that you receive updates about the project as it progresses. There is no cost or commitment to pre-register today, and there is no cost to have the connection installed during the project construction phase. We will be in touch when the time comes to schedule an installation. To learn more about the American Fork fiber project, visit

What's the big deal about fiber?

Internet delivered over fiber-optic lines is capable of some of the fastest speeds in the world. With faster internet speeds, your internet experience will be more responsive and productive. No more buffering or slow downloads! Through the open-access network, you will have the power to choose between different internet service providers. This allows you to use the same fiber connection to select the best provider for your situation. Sound like something you're interested in? Enter your address above to pre-register your interest and be informed when fiber is coming to your area.